Our Services

Landscape Maintenance

In order to provide you with an exceptional service, we make an on-site analysis of soil conditions and water relations to determine specific needs. Based on that, we establish a plan that includes mowing, pruning, nutrition requirements, and fertilization techniques to maintain plants, lawns, and trees in optimum health.

Landscape Design and Construction

Our creative, talented, and innovative designing team, considers your needs and budget and collaboratively with you, suggests professional designs that results in beauty and functionality.

Tree Care

Our comprehensive arbor care program, ensures health and safety of trees. We guarantee proper trimming, shaping, lacing, relocation, and removal. Our highly qualified arborist diagnoses and treats diseased, stressed, and pest infested trees. He also recognizes tree hazard and construction damage helping you to protect your investment.

Irrigation  Design and Maintenance

Our  Irrigation Tech Specialist will advise you about financial incentives based on smart water management practices. Properly installed, high-efficient irrigation systems will reduce water use costs.

Weed Abatement

We guarantee prevention, elimination, and control of all kinds of weeds through each season of the year. Our Certified Specialists will monitor and safely manage any kind of weeds in your landscape.

Pest Control

JL Landscape Services, Inc. implements a regularly inspection on plants, lawns and trees to identify and eradicate pest population and treat plant diseases effectively through a well integrated pest management. Our Licensed Qualified Applicator ensures a well accomplishment in any performed work.